A postdoctoral position is available from June 2020 (open until filled) in the Laboratory of Radiobiology of Accidental Exposure (LRAcc), within the Department of Research in Radiobiology and Regenerative Medicine at the Institute of Radioprotection and Nuclear safety (IRSN).
The position is for 3 years, funded by the Institut National du Cancer (INCa).

Project description
The postdoctoral fellow will be a part of a collaborative project. The aim of this research project is to understand how myotubes maintain their cellular functions when certain myonuclei are permanently damaged upon exposure to ionizing radiation.
In particular, we will focus on cellular response to DNA double strand breaks and chromatin plasticity, by using (i) mouse models of the cellular functions under study, (ii) an in vitro myofibrillogenesis differentiation system and (iii) technologies allowing to specifically damage a single myonucleus.

Place of work
Our laboratory is located on the site of Fontenay aux Roses, in a multidisciplinary environment. The site is only 10 km away from the Center of Paris and easily accessible with public transportation.

How to apply?
We are seeking for highly motivated individuals, with a strong interest in DNA damage signaling and repair, and with a strong background in cell and molecular biology. Expertise in chromatin organization and fluorescence microscopy would be a plus but is not required.
Candidates holding a PHD degree in related fields are encouraged to apply.

Application, including a cover letter briefly describing research accomplishments, a CV with a list of publications and at least one recommendation letter should be sent to Céline Baldeyron (celine.baldeyron@irsn.fr) before May 4th, 2020.