Become a member!

Are you a scientist, medical or industry professional with affinity for radiobiology or other related fields? Are you affiliated with a Dutch or international research institute, knowledge or medical center? You may want to become a member of the Netherlands Society for Radiobiology (NVRB)!

Membership types

We have four standard membership types (see table below). Please contact us for different membership arrangements (e.g. for entire research groups or departments).

Membership type: Single, 1 yr Single, 4 yrs Group, 1 yr Group, 4 yrs
Persons 1 1 5 5
Payment frequency 1 year 4 years 1 year 4 years
Price 25€ 80€ 100€ 320€


By becoming a NVRB member, you will join a large network of professionals active in the fields of radiation biology, oncology, radiotherapy, nuclear medicine, DNA repair and others. Each year, you will be invited to participate in two NVRB meetings (plus additional thematic meetings), free of charge. If you are a (PhD) student, each of these meetings will offer you a chance to win a 500€ Klaas Breur travel grant.

How to register?

  1. Select your preferred membership type
  2. Fill in the form on the right. You can also send an email to, mentioning the membership type. When opting for a group membership, please include the names of the PI and all group members.
  3. Transfer the appropriate amount to NVRB bank account (NL 87 INGB 0003 7415 87). Please mention ‘NVRB membership fee’ on your bank transfer.

Most of the Academic Hospitals, Universities and Research Institutes have made agreements concerning the membership in professional and trade unions. The contribution fee can then be paid from the gross salary, which is favorable for tax purposes. Please inquire about this possibility with the financial administration of your Institution.

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