Upcoming NVRB meetings

Where & when

When: 24th of May 2019, 9:00 – 17:00

Where: De Witte Vosch, Oudegracht 46, Utrecht

Confirmed speakers

Keynote: Martin Pruschy (University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland)
Keynote: Tony Lomax (Paul Scherer Institute, Switzerland)

Dennis Schaart (Technical University Delft)
Marco van Vulpen (Holland PTC)
Danielle Eekers (Maastricht Radiation Oncology)
Coen Rasch (Leiden University Medical Centre)
Stephanie Peeters (Maastricht Radiation Oncology)
Przemek Krawczyk (Amsterdam University Medical Centers)
Frank Verhaegen (Maastricht Radiation Oncology)
Boudewijn Lelieveldt (Leiden University Medical Centre)
Peter van Luijk (University Medical Centre Groningen)
Rob Coppes (University Medical Centre Groningen)


Abstract deadline: 23-04-2019

Registration deadline: 10-05-2019


Members: €25

Non-members: €50 (and automatically become a member)

The annual fall NVRB meeting

The annual fall meeting of NVRB will take place on 15th of November 2019 (in De Witte Vos in Utrecht). Please stay tuned for more details.

Previous meetings

Symposium: “Proton Therapy: clinical, physical and biological aspects”

In line with the recent dynamic developments in proton therapy in The Netherlands, NVRB is eager to stimulate research and translational activities leading to better understanding and exploitation of this cutting-edge modality. To this end, NVRB is organizing a one-day symposium devoted to clinical, physical and biological aspects of proton therapy.

Please see the final program here.

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Meeting registration

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