The Netherlands Society for Radiobiology (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Radiobiologie, NVRB) was founded on the 2nd February of 1959 in Utrecht to support radiobiology in its broadest sense in the Netherlands. Open scientific discussion and networking are stimulated by organisation of scientific meetings and conferences in the field of radiobiology, ranging from characterisation of molecular events after ionizing radiation to the development of new strategies for clinical radiotherapy. Young investigators in radiobiology or related fields are particularly encouraged to become members.

Symposium: “Proton Therapy: clinical, physical and biological aspects”

In line with the recent dynamic developments in proton therapy in The Netherlands, NVRB is eager to stimulate research and translational activities leading to better understanding and exploitation of this cutting-edge modality. To this end, NVRB is organizing a one-day symposium devoted to clinical, physical and biological aspects of proton therapy.

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ESA in partnership with the international accelerator center FAIR (Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research), currently being built at GSI, the Helmholtz Center for Heavy Ion Research, is excited to announce the first ever Radiation Summer School to tackle the problem of space radiation for future long duration missions. Living in space is no easy […]

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Prof. dr. Haico van Attikum, who is the chairman of the NVRB, receives the VICI grant form NWO, worth €1,5 million. His research will focus on DNA replication – the essential step of cell division. As DNA replication can be hampered by DNA damage, Prof. van Attikum’s group will investigate how replication is regulated in […]

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In the context of the recently funded H2020 project ESC2RAD (www.esc2rad.eu), a one-day workshop entitled “Modelling the biological effects of radiation: from Earth-studies to Space and Planetary Exploration” will take place in Lille, France on March 28, 2019. The program and other details can be found under the: https://esc2rad.wixsite.com/biologyandradiation.

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The Netherlands Society for Radiobiology was born on the 2nd of February 1959 in Utrecht to support radiobiology in the Netherlands. This means that we are 60 years old!

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Our refreshed website is now online, please let us know at info@nvrb.org if you have any comments or requests. New functionality on the website includes the radiobiology-related newsfeed and rich calendar of meetings and courses. We will be happy to add your own news and events! NVRB is now also active on social platforms. For […]

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