Welcome to the website of the Netherlands Society for Radiobiology (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Radiobiologie, NVRB). The NVRB was founded in 1959 in order to support radiobiology in its broadest sense in the Netherlands. Open scientific discussions are encouraged by organizing of scientific meetings and conferences in the field of radiobiology, ranging from characterization of molecular events after ionizing radiation to the development of new strategies for clinical radiotherapy. The NVRB seeks to support radiobiology research in the Netherlands by facilitating networking and scientific discussion, and young investigators in radiobiology or related fields are particularly encouraged to participate. As such the society presents a discussion platform for radiobiological matters.

The NVRB organizes meetings once or twice per year, one of which is often jointly organized with related societies such as the Netherlands Society for Radiation Therapy and Oncology (NVRO). The scientific program of such meetings typically focuses on one topic in the radiobiological or a related field. Topics such as novel aspects in DNA repair, signaling pathways, tumor hypoxia, stem cells, carcinogenesis and predictive assays are addressed. Expert scientists are invited to present their research, accompanied by presentations by members of the society. In particular, young investigators are encouraged to present their data at such meetings. NVRB meetings are open to the public.

The NVRB offers young investigators travel grants for international conferences in radiobiology or related fields via the ”Klaas Breur Fonds”.

Are you interested and active in radiobiology or a related field and would like to be a member of our society? Then please visit this link for further information on membership and registration.

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17 November 2023, de Witte Vos, Utrecht, 09:00 – 17:00 To register, visit the meeting app. Meeting poster Confirmed speakers: Marta Capala (Erasmus MC) Jessica Downs (Institute of Cancer Research, […]

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